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Why should owning an overseas property be for a select few, with the dreamers left to dream?

Finally, a new model is here to fulfil your dreams, the Villacrowd model. A new way to co-own overseas property that gives you…

  • Genuine property ownership
  • Flexibility to holiday in your property or rent it out
  • Access to increasing overseas property prices
  • Peace of mind with full property rental and maintenance services
  • Free use of Villacrowd Concierge
  • Reduced property management fees
  • The ability to swap property weeks with other Villacrowd owners
  • Local expertise and know-how

Just imagine, you can now own a share of your dream overseas home, something perhaps out of reach until now. No longer is a €1,000,000 villa unattainable.

And what’s more, with Villacrowd you only pay your share of the on-going costs.

Villacrowd is transforming overseas property ownership

Luxury holiday homes are now in reach, yours to own, live in, rent and profit from. A brand new model, available to anybody that has dreamed of owning a luxury overseas property.


Using our powerful algorithms to bring 'like-minded' people together to facilitate that dream purchase.

You can also create your own 'ownership groups', with family, friends or colleagues - your choice. 

The Villacrowd ecosystem

  • Property Agents
  • Property Owners
  • Rental and Management Companies
  • Financial Partners
  • Villacrowd Concierge

Overseas Property


...your dream overseas property, with vacation time, property management and rental income, plus access to the Villacrowd property portfolio.

Buying the Villacrowd Way

Every Villacrowd property is divided into ten equal shares of 10%. You can buy one share or as many shares as you like.

It’s really that simple.

Let’s consider this example…

Bob and Jane have found a villa in The Algarve for €1,000,000. Their challenge is that they have a €200,000 budget. 

Normally, this would be the end of their dream. 

Not any longer. Villacrowd enables Bob and Jane to buy their dream villa by 'matching' them with like-minded people also looking to buy their dream property.

(You can also form your own 'group' with family members, friends or colleagues, whatever works best for you.)

So, Bob and Jane buy two shares in the Villa for €200,000 giving them 20%, with the remaining 80% bought by other members of the group found by Villacrowd. 

Bob and Jane are allocated 20% time in the villa. The rest of the group are allocated their time. To do this ‘fairly’ we use our Fair Usage model (more later).

Bob and Jane plan their property weeks – perhaps 6 weeks’ vacation and the rest on rental, to earn some income. 

Bob and Jane can also ‘swap’ property weeks with their fellow owners, or exchange weeks with property owners across the Villacrowd network!

Euro 1,000,000

Euro 200,000

How does it work?

  • Join Villacrowd

    Simply Register to explore the many benefits of owning an overseas property the Villacrowd way, including property search, planning your vacation, renting your property, Concierge and much, much more.
  • Own your home

    Buy a share, or as many shares as you like, in an overseas property. This could be with like-minded people or your own group of family, friends or colleagues.
    We will bring you a wide choice of overseas properties. Enjoy a vacation at your dream home, rent it or maybe a bit of both, your choice. Villacrowd takes care of everything, all you need to worry about is planning your next trip!
  • Leave this to us

    Owning a property overseas does not have to be a daunting, time consuming process.
    Villacrowd removes the complexity, makes buying and owning an overseas property simple. Negotiations and legal work – done. Property management – done. Property rental – done. Your Lifestyle is very important to us, Villacrowd Concierge takes care of every little detail, whatever your needs.
  • Enjoy

    All you need to do is decide how to use your weeks and Enjoy!
    As a co-owner you have a number of property weeks each year, based on how many shares you own.
    For example, if you own 2 shares then you will have 20% of the annual property weeks. We allocate this using our Fair Usage model, more later!
    Don’t forget the Villacrowd Concierge, if you need help with flights, airport transfers, restaurant bookings, car hire and much more.
  • Live

    You are now the proud co-owner of a wonderful overseas home.
    If you want to rent your property, we will take care of everything. If you want to sell, then we are here for you too.
    And you never have to worry about your home, we take care of every aspect of management and maintenance. If a light bulb needs replacing, consider it done!

Want to know more?

Fair Usage Model

We allocate ‘property weeks’ to each ‘owner’ based on the number of shares they own. Each share of 10% is allocated 5 weeks at the property. 

We make this very easy. Remember Bob and Jane? 

Bob and Jane own 2 shares (20%) in the Villa. Tom, introduced by Villacrowd, owns 4 shares. 

The remaining 4 shares are owned by four like minded owners: Kate; David & Sarah; Kaye and Stewart and Dermot.   

Bob and Jane have 10 weeks, Tom has 20 weeks and the other shareholders get 5 weeks each. 

Villacrowd fairly allocates 50 ‘property weeks’ to the owners, across the calendar year. 

This is planned over a rolling 5 year period, to ensure absolute fairness! 

If you want to swap your weeks, no problem, everything is published to the Owners Calendar. 

If your group all know each other then pick a 'Leader' and allocate the weeks amongst yourselves!

Our Philosophy

For too long buying and owning a property overseas has been time consuming, challenging and expensive. Overseas property ownership is complex and out of reach for most of us.

We don’t believe that’s fair so we are transforming your overseas property experience.

We spoke with consumers and overwhelmingly they wanted a new model, a new way to buy, own and enjoy overseas property.

They wanted to only pay for what they use, not for 52 weeks.

They wanted everything handled by one company – villa search, purchase, rental, property management, maintenance, even flights and restaurant bookings, all taken care of.

They wanted a return on their investment.

And they wanted to be able to relax and have lots of fun.

This is Villacrowd. This is what we do by putting you central to everything we do.

A genuine end-to-end service including a free Concierge Service for life.

We oversee every aspect of your property, including management; repairs & maintenance; cleaning; rentals and everything else that’s required.

We have Country Management Teams in every country we operate.

People who understand property, customer service and that buying an overseas property is a big decision.

We will bring you great properties at the best possible price. We begin in Portugal, but we won’t be stopping there. Spain and Greece will soon follow.

Our Philosophy is quite simple – at Villacrowd it’s all about you.

The Team

Chris Aruliah

CEO & Founder, Villacrowd

David Alexander

Head of European Operations

David Hobbs

Non-Executive Director, Villacrowd

Jonathan Callcut

Non-Executive Director, Villacrowd

David Ruddock

Non-Executive Director, Villacrowd

Kaye Moors

Brand Ambassador, Villacrowd

Chris Aruliah

CEO & Founder, Villacrowd

Chris launched Internet Software Sales business for Crystal Decisions and US based, PFM/Open Banking company Yodlee in Europe, subsequently sold to Envestnet. 

Following Yodlee, Chris launched ClairMail, a US mobile banking company, and helped sell the business to Monitise in 2012. More recently Chris launched Token Inc. in Europe. Chris continues to lead sales and business development for Token, splitting his time between Token and Villacrowd.

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Majorca
  • Favourite Holiday Restaurant: Any of the wonderful tapas restaurants in Seville
  • Favourite Lunchtime Vino: Albarino

David Alexander

Head of European Operations

David has a track record of creating a number of successful start-ups, as well as being a key part of the team that sold Digital Impact for $140M. David has raised capital in the UK and US, has served on the Board of a leading on-line estate agency and operated at the highest level for over 25 years. 

Having been fortunate to own property in Portugal, David’s passion for travel, overseas living, different cultures and customer service makes sure Villacrowd is in knowledgeable hands.

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Cortona, Italy
  • Favourite Holiday Restaurant: Ristorante La Loggetta, Cortona
  • Favourite Lunchtime Vino: Montevertine Le Pergole Torte

David Hobbs

Non-Executive Director, Villacrowd

David is currently Chief Executive of Co-Funds and was previously Chief Executive of Suffolk Life. David started his career at Legal and General and has extensive experience in the Pensions and Investment industry, including responsibility for growing L&G's property portfolio during a period when other firms saw their portfolios decline.

David brings extensive property, legal and financial expertise to Villacrowd.

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: South India
  • Favourite Holiday Restaurant: Any restaurant serving Paella
  • Favourite Lunchtime Vino: Any Wine by Hacienda de Lluna

Jonathan Callcut

Non-Executive Director, Villacrowd

Jonathan is currently an entrepreneur, advisor and director across a range of companies with 30 years’ experience in tech related businesses from Developer, to Client Service, to Salesman, to Sales Director to Founder to CEO, to Non Exec Director and Chairman.

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Cala Figuera, Majorca
  • Favourite Holiday Restaurant: L'Arcada
  • Favourite Lunchtime Vino: Sancerre

David Ruddock

Non-Executive Director, Villacrowd

David has 27 years' experience in property sales and is currently Head of Residential Sales Operations for Carter Jonas LLP. Previously he was involved in the central London expansion of Marsh & Parsons, was a Director of Savills and a shareholding Director of one of the leading agents in London.

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Any ski resort
  • Favourite Holiday Restaurant: The Eagle, Farringdon Road, London.
  • Favourite Lunchtime Vino: Any aged Riesling

Kaye Moors

Brand Ambassador, Villacrowd

Kaye has worked in Digital Marketing for 17 years developing brand and digital platforms for both start up business and large tech firms. She has managed and produced an impressive range of digital and video projects for clients ranging from non-profits to multinational corporations. 

She has a strong understanding of how to combine business and brand strategy, technical possibilities and user requirements into industry-leading consumer experiences.

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Es Caná
  • Favourite Holiday Restaurant: Any Tapas bar with a sea view
  • Favourite Lunchtime Vino: Pinot Noir

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Discover the many benefits of owning an overseas property the Villacrowd way, including property search, planning your vacation, renting your property, Villacrowd Concierge and much more. 

If you have any questions, do let us know.

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If you have any further questions, please send an email to: david@villacrowd.com.